How to File A Complaint of Discrimination

Posted on May 18, 2018 in Main

The Complaint should be in writing and clearly identify the complainant.? A complaint form is available on-line for your convenience at:

The Complaint should be filed within 180 calendar days of the date the alleged discriminatory activity took place.

The Complaint should contain the date of the alleged discriminatory activity, or the latest date if the alleged discriminatory activity resulted from a continuing course of conduct.

The Complaint should contain a detailed description of conduct that the complainant perceived as discrimination and clearly identify who committed the alleged discriminatory activity.

The Complaint must be signed by the complainant.

Upon request, HDOA will provide translation assistance at no cost for those complainants with limited English proficiency.? A complainant with limited English proficiency may also obtain assistance from another person in completing the Complaint form, but the form must be signed and confirmed by the complainant.

The original signed Complaint should be delivered by mail or personal service to the Department of Agriculture at 1428 S. King Street, Honolulu, Hawaii 96814.

If you have faxed or scanned and emailed copies of the Complaint to HDOA, then make sure to send to HDOA the original hardcopy of the Complaint, which has the original signature.? Deliver the original document by mail or by personal service.

HDOA will acknowledge receipt of the Complaint within 10 days.

Within 30 days of acknowledging receipt of the Complaint, HDOA will notify the complainant whether the facts warrant HDOA conducting a full investigation into the allegations.? If warranted, HDOA will further advise the complainant if HDOA will conduct the full investigation, or if the Complaint will be forwarded to another agency for investigation.